Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta provincial government has prepared around 18 thousand packages containing daily necessities for COVID-19 patients undergoing self-isolation, an official has said.

"Currently, we have almost 18 thousand packages in stock, which were for 2021," head of social insurance at Jakarta's Social Office, Ahmad Taufiq, informed here on Thursday.

One package comprises 20 kg of rice, 2 liters of cooking oil, 7 cans of small-size sardines, biscuits, and a box of instant noodles, he said.

Ever since the COVID-19 cases began to rise again in Jakarta in January 2022, around 56 villages have put in a request for a total of 940 packages of basic needs, he added.

The office is planning to re-estimate the provision of the social aid through the Unexpected Spending (BTT) budget, with the total budget currently pegged at Rp3 trillion, he informed.

"The BTT budget is shared. For the Social Office, it is only for self-isolation and centralized isolation," he explained.

"Centralized isolation is for those classified as OTG (asymptomatic patients), not for people with moderate or severe symptoms," he added.

Like last year, isolation locations in Jakarta are spread across several points, such as Ragunan Tourist House, Taman Mini, and Jakarta's Education Quality Assurance Institution (LPMP).

According to data provided by the Jakarta provincial government, as of Wednesday, the number of international travelers contracting COVID-19 has reached 506 while the number of people infected through local transmission has touched 8,626.

The number of active cases among international travelers has touched 2,540 and among people infected through local transmission 38,434.

Meanwhile, the number of Omicron cases among international travelers has reached 1,696 and people infected through local transmission 1,331.

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