Construction of IKN Nusantara will begin by developing the Central Government Area as the first phase
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Construction of the new capital city Nusantara (IKN) in East Kalimantan would commence by developing the Central Government Area, with reforestation being started beforehand, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated.

"Construction of IKN Nusantara will begin by developing the Central Government Area as the first phase. We will start to conduct reforestation and revitalization beforehand," Jokowi remarked while delivering a speech at the Beranda Nusantara event on Wednesday.

Before relocation of the capital city from Jakarta, the IKN development was initiated by conducting reforestation and tree replantation with various types of plants, he remarked.

The development will then continue with basic infrastructure, including the provision of clean water, green and blue areas of the city, government complexes, offices, housing, and supporting facilities and infrastructure, Jokowi noted.

The president emphasized that relocation of the capital city to IKN Nusantara was not merely limited to moving the State Civil Apparatus and government buildings.

"However, this is a leap for the Indonesian people to transform the nation to become an advanced Indonesia," Jokowi affirmed.

The president later explained that buildings in the new capital city will showcase the greatness of this nation; reflect national identity; and realize social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Hence, the city's development also plays an important role in transforming Indonesia's human culture to become more relevant in line with the current developments. This development also prepares the community to get ready for the future.

The transformation of human culture starts with taking care of nature and the environment as well as using natural materials based on new and renewable energy, Jokowi noted.

The president believes that IKN Nusantara will become an environment-friendly city since it can be reached within 10 minutes by using 80 percent of the public transportation, having 70-percent green area coverage, and a two-degree reduction in temperature.

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