The availability of staple foods is safe
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The availability of staple foods ahead of Ramadan is safe and quite under control, as they have been stocked through domestic production and foreign imports, Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo stated.

"The availability of staple foods is safe," Limpo remarked at a meeting with the House of Representatives here on Tuesday.

According to the minister, the supply of commodities, such as rice, corn, shallots, red chili, chicken meat, chicken eggs, and cooking oil is safe, as he viewed that their demand can be fulfilled through domestic production.

The supply of soybeans, garlic, beef, and sugar can be provided through domestic production and some imports.

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"The stock of rice in May 2022 is estimated at 9.84 million tons, which has included the calculation of massive harvests," Limpo remarked.

Until the end of May 2022, the availability of corn reaches 3.18 million tons, shallots at 92 thousand tons, curly red chili peppers at 83 thousand tons, red cayenne pepper at 63 thousand tons, chicken meat at 357 thousand tons, chicken eggs at 188 thousand tons, and cooking oil at 663 thousand tons.

The stock of commodities that have to be imported until the end of May 2022 comprise soybeans at 142 thousand tons, with the import plan reaching 735 thousand tons; garlic at 95 thousand tons, with the import of 114 thousand tons; beef at 31 thousand tons, with the import of 97 thousand tons; and sugar of 597 thousand tons, with the import of 841 thousand tons.

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Limpo also stated that his side will distribute food from surplus areas to deficit areas to meet the availability of staple foods throughout Indonesia.

"For instance, to meet the deficits of large chili in Maluku and Papua, (the ministry) will bring them from South Sulawesi, while the deficits in Sumatra will (be assisted) from Central Java, and the deficits of Kalimantan will be supplied from Bali," Limpo remarked.

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