Palembang, South Sumatra (ANTARA) - The Education Office of South Sumatra Province announced that it is still implementing limited face-to-face learning for high school and vocational school students until the 2022-2023 new academic year.

"The full (capacity) face-to-face learning has yet to be confirmed. What is clear is that (for) the 2022-2023 new academic year, which starts in July, limited (face-to-face learning) is still (being implemented)," Secretary of the South Sumatra Education Office Markoginta stated here on Tuesday.

Markoginta explained that the Education Office was being cautious in taking decisions regarding implementation of face-to-face learning by continuing to evaluate with the COVID-19 task force and the Health Office in order to prevent wrong steps from being taken.

From results of the evaluation, the Education Office assessed that limited face-to-face learning is still relevant to be applied as an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

He noted that despite the number of daily confirmed cases of COVID-19 having tended to decline and vaccination coverage among teachers and students having almost reached 100 percent, the achievement is not equally spread out across 17 districts and cities in the province.

"We are still awaiting official directions from the central government regarding what policy will be implemented. It can still possibly change because it continues to be evaluated," he remarked.

Markoginta explained that based on the governor's circular, limited face-to-face learning combines online learning and offline learning, with 50 percent of the students partaking in online learning and the other 50 percent partaking in offline learning.

If a COVID-19 case is found in the school, the person will be asked to self-isolate, and the school will fully implement online learning, he stated.

"So far, the implementation of limited face-to-face learning has been going well; and each school has also been supported with adequate educational facilities and infrastructure," he noted. Related news: Jakarta still awaiting central govt regulation on offline school
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Translator: Muhammad Riezko, Raka Adji
Editor: Suharto
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