Jakarta (ANTARA) - Radical and terror propaganda are transnational in nature so people in the country must always be cautious of them, according to the National Counterterrorism Agency.

"Currently, more than 80 countries are affected by terrorism," head of the National Counterterrorism Agency Commissioner, General Boy Rafli Amar, said in a written statement received here on Thursday.

Thus, the public must always stay vigilant and not be influenced by radical ideas and acts of terror. Criminals often employ religious narratives to carry out terrorism propaganda.

"The propaganda carried out through social media must be fought together," Amar said.

He cited the importance of religious leaders’ role in fighting the propaganda of radical terror groups. He pointed to Indonesia's history as proof of this.

He said that religious leaders have sacrificed a lot to protect Indonesia from all forms of threats which have sought to divide the nation.

Great scholars have shaped Indonesia, he added. Indonesia was created with a certain mindset known as hubbul wathan minal iman, which means that loving one's country is part of faith, he explained.

Meanwhile, a Nahdatul Ulama representative, K.H. Said Aqil Siradj, urged the public to continue to care for and protect Indonesia by practicing this belief.

Siradj said that the course of the national history of Islam was filled with nationalism.

He also urged citizens to continuously strengthen interfaith brotherhood and friendship and mutual respect. Swearing and all sorts of hostility must be shunned. Morality is the essence of religion, he reminded.

The National Counterterrorism Agency has continued to conduct efforts to prevent radicalism, such as by forming the National Movement for the Prevention of Radicalism and Intolerance in Cilegon, Banten.

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Translator: M Zulfikar, Mecca Yumna
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