However, we must be careful about using the term nuclear in front of the people. This needs education and dissemination
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government still views nuclear power plants as an option to achieve the renewable energy mix target of 23 percent by 2025, Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko stated.

While meeting with a nuclear company official here on Tuesday, he underlined that the development of nuclear power plants necessitates a comprehensive study, especially since the people's concern over nuclear energy remains large.

"Indonesia is on a transition to renewable energy, which includes the potential of uranium and thorium for nuclear power plant," he noted through a written statement.

"However, we must be careful about using the term 'nuclear' in front of the people. This needs education and dissemination," he continued.

The small-scale modular nuclear power plant currently being developed by the company is suitable to be operated in islands.

"There are many small islands that do not require large amounts of electricity and cannot be connected with the main electric transmission, which necessitates small-scale electric providers," he explained.

Last Energy's official, Adam Zuckerman, noted that his company introduces a modern low-emission modular-based nuclear power plant system.

By utilizing a standardized modular design, the company provides zero-emission electricity that can quickly decarbonize the industry. In addition, the company utilizes pressurized water reactor, he stated.

According to Zuckerman, constructing and developing nuclear power plants does not require a large area of land by using modular technology.

Meanwhile, Former Research and Technology Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro, who visited Moeldoko along with Zuckerman, expects the government to start considering nuclear as the future alternative energy source and not as the last option.

He cited data from the that states that 50 nations in the world have operated nuclear power plants to meet the electricity demand.

"Nuclear energy contributes 10 percent to the electrification in the world, with 440 nuclear reactors currently operating," he explained.

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