Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT), Boy Rafli Amar, reminded the public to not use religious fanaticism as a tool to monopolize the truth in a bid to prevent separation.

"Fanaticism towards religion is okay. However, it is important to not monopolize the truth and accuse the other," Amar stated at the online discussion titled "Monopoly of Truth and Religious Fanaticism," Saturday.

Amar later explained that religious fanaticism without monopolizing truth will maintain the diversity that exists in Indonesia to secure unity and integrity in the country.

Furthermore, Amar believes that every religious community should in fact have a sense of fanaticism towards their religion.

"Fanaticism in conducting worship and applying the religious law are indeed something that must be maintained," he added.

Moreover, he reminded the public to be mindful of other religions with their own forms of worship. Hence, the public must respect each other, regardless of what religion they believe in.

He also emphasized that embracing a certain religion is an individual right for everyone in the country.

"We have to realize that outside, there are other people who believe in different religions that we must respect. This is also a principle of tolerance," he remarked.

Furthermore, Amar deemed it necessary for all elements of the nation to maintain diversity in Indonesia in the form of ethnicities, religions, customs, and cultures.

In fact, the process of spreading a religion to Indonesia, such as Islam, cannot be separated from assimilation with various customs.

"The Indonesian people are very diverse and even the process of entering Islam was also a combination of culture and customs. We must view it as Indonesia's wealth," he emphasized.

Thus, he also invited all Indonesians to always be grateful for the diversity in the country by not monopolizing the truth through fanaticism and continuing to strengthen the values of tolerance.
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Translator: Tri Meilani A, Resinta S
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