In general, no congestion is seen on toll roads. This proves that the one-way traffic modification approach is successful
Semarang (ANTARA) - Toll road operators have installed some 2,800 additional toilets in all rest areas to cater to travelers during the Eid al-Fitr exodus period, according to an official of the Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT).

"Overall, a total of 1,700 toilets (are available) in all rest areas, and (during this period), more toilets will be installed (to complement) permanent toilets that are currently available," Toll Road Regulatory Agency Head Danang Parikesit stated while inspecting the Kalikangkung toll gate here on Saturday.

Installing new toilets in rest areas will reduce the queue of travelers looking to use toilets, he remarked.

"We must ensure that toilet queues will be less than 10 minutes. We hope to be able to accommodate (all travelers)," the BPJT head remarked.

Parikesit noted that according to his observation earlier, no congestion had occurred in the traffic in both the eastward and westward directions of the toll road.

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"In general, no congestion is seen on toll roads. This proves that the one-way traffic modification approach is successful," Parikesit stated.

The agency head pointed out that travelers, who stop at the road shoulder, either to rest or since their car broke down, could impede toll road traffic and cause congestion.

A toll road officer will approach travelers that stop at the road shoulder and urge them to continue driving to the closest rest area for a break, he remarked.

"For travelers whose cars broke down, the officers will assist them by towing the cars to the nearest rest area," Parikesit added.

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Meanwhile, state-run toll operator Jasa Marga Transjawa Toll Road Regional Division (JTTRD) had earlier appealed to travelers to refrain from making long halts at rest areas along toll roads.

"At the peak of the 2022 Eid al-Fitr homecoming traffic, travelers are encouraged to stay in the rest area for no more than 30 minutes," head of the marketing and communication department of JTTRD, Tody Satria, stated when contacted by ANTARA on Tuesday (Apr 26).

The attempt is aimed at reducing crowding in rest areas since many travelers will partake in the exodus from and to various regions, he added.

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