Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) - Some tourists were seen taking pictures in front of heritage buildings located on Asia Afrika Street in Bandung city, West Java, during the Eid al-Fitr 1443 Hijr holiday.

"It is very cheap, and the photo results are good because, on Asia Afrika Street, there are many old buildings," Wiwin, a resident of Bandung district said after taking a photo opposite Warenhuis De Vries Building, on Wednesday.

Wiwin, who came to Bandung city with her sibling and two children, also clicked pictures at the De Majestic Building on Braga Street No. 1.

"I also took pictures at De Majestic building; the info said it is a former cinema and historic building," she said.

Meanwhile, a tourist from Jakarta, Syafril, posed for pictures with his wife at a number of points on Asia Afrika Street.

"Earlier, I took a photo at one of the spots of Gedung Merdeka or the Asian-African Museum. Apparently, when my wife did a search on Google, it was the location in Peterpan's (a pop band in Indonesia) video clip, which Dian Sastro (an Indonesian actress) was in," he said.

According to Syafril, besides their historical value, Braga Street and Asia Afrika Street also have much charm.

For instance, he said, on Braga Street, there are many paintings along the sidewalk, classic shops, and cafes for hanging out.

Traveling around Braga Street and Asia Afrika Street in Bandung city is a cheap option for tourists, he added.

"It is also fun. We walked from Braga to the Bandung square area. It is suitable for family tours," he said.

According to the Bandung Cultural and Tourism Office’s website, Bandung was once named the Most European City in the East Indies, an education city as well as a creative and culinary city.

A 360-degree experience of Braga Street can be found online on the website

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Editor: Sri Haryati
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