Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Staff Office's (KSP's) Deputy V, Jaleswari Pramodhawardhani, urged ministers of the Onward Indonesia Cabinet to be upright in implementing President Joko Widodo's (Jokowi's) agenda despite political dynamics ahead of the 2024 General Elections.

Law No. 39 of 2008 on Government Ministries dictates that as an individual working to assist the president, ministers are appointed and dismissed solely by the president's prerogatives, according to the KSP deputy.

"Ministers are appointed and dismissed by the president and, even in some cases, are working under sole prerogatives of the president. Therefore, ministers must be completely upright in their discipline to implement the president's agenda," Pramodhawardhani, as quoted from her statement received here on Tuesday, remarked.

Apart from assisting the president in the state's functioning, Law No. 30 of 2014 on Government Administration also elucidates the ministers' capacity as government officials, with specialised responsibilities and obligations pertaining to their duties, she noted.

The KSP deputy affirmed that according to prevailing laws, ministers should not establish any policies or acts when a high risk of conflict of interest, including with the minister's personal interest, occurred.

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Apart from the legal basis, prevailing political and ethical principles are ought to be sufficient to make ministers comprehend their position in the state government and keep them working to fulfil their obligations, she stated.

"Ministers, with huge competencies granted by our laws and upon the president's mandate, must ensure their optimised works will advance the presidential agenda," Pramodhawardhani remarked.

She also reminded ministers, while advancing the presidential agenda, to not have personal and pragmatic interests that may cause conflicts of interest and to work only for the nation and the people.

"(A minister must not) work for a pragmatic and personal interest that may potentially cause a conflict of interest," the deputy stated.

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Translator: Tri Meilani A, Nabil Ihsan
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