...animals who suffered from runny nose and those who were unable to stand up have started to recover.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Agriculture Ministry has distributed vitamins, antibiotics, antipyretics, disinfectants, and personal protective equipment (PPE) in a number of regions to support efforts to check the transmission of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in livestock.

"On May 7–12, 2022, we conducted the first phase of assistance distribution to a number of provinces," director general of livestock and animal health at the ministry, Nasrullah, informed in a statement issued here on Thursday.

On May 16, the ministry carried out the second phase of assistance disbursal in regions where cattle were suspected of having been exposed to the virus, including East Java and Aceh provinces, he added.

Overall, vitamins, antibiotics, antipyretics, and disinfectants worth Rp534.29 million (US$36.2 thousand) have been disbursed so far, he informed.

"Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have continued to coordinate with the regional government, thus, we are able to find out which supplies are required by the regions to mitigate the outbreak," he said.

The infected animals have been given medication, vitamin injections, and antibiotics to strengthen their immune system, the director general added. The condition of the cattle is reported to have started to improve.

"For instance, animals who suffered from runny nose and those who were unable to stand up have started to recover,” he noted.

His office has also asked local animal health officers and cattle owners to routinely apply disinfectants around cowsheds and farming areas to prevent a wider outbreak.

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Furthermore, the government is also planning to send similar assistance to livestock centers in provinces that have not been exposed to the disease, such as South Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), and Bali.

The shipment of the assistance is scheduled to be carried out in the next few days.

Currently, the ministry has allocated an additional budget of around Rp48 billion (US$3.25 million) for the prevention and handling of FMD, especially for procuring vaccinations, Nasrullah informed.

"In addition to the state budget (APBN), the budget will be allocated from the regional budget (APBD) and other financing sources," he added.

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