Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia’s nuclear energy development plans will need to be supported with the drafting of policies and clear guidelines, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has said.

"In the field of nuclear energy, sufficient preparation and support are needed, such as policies, human resources, and facility infrastructure, as well as how to utilize Indonesia's natural resources, which can be used as nuclear fuel," BRIN's Development Policy Deputy Mego Pinandito explained here on Monday.

He stressed that the development of nuclear energy in Indonesia requires careful preparation. According to him, the country needs the latest energy conversion technology with high efficiency and safety.

Currently, nuclear power has become a clean energy option amid the emergence of global policies for tackling climate change, Pinandito noted.

“Net-zero emission (NZE) has become important; energy (resources) that can minimize carbon, reduce fossil combustion, and maximize new renewable energy are being sought. (Thus), nuclear power is an option that must be started," he said.

Meanwhile, nuclear expert and observer Adiwardojo explained that to build a nuclear power plant (NPP), a study of the nuclear energy system is also necessary.

"If it is supported by the right regulations and infrastructure, we must create a study program to ensure sustainability," he said.

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According to him, nuclear energy is not a substitute that needs to compete with other energy sources instead, it can provide mutual benefits and synergize with other sources.

To accelerate the preparation for the construction of NPPs, it is necessary to form an organization to implement the nuclear energy program (OPPEN) to strengthen its national position, Adiwardojo said.

OPPEN would be responsible for licensing, safeguarding, securing, and preparing national infrastructure for nuclear energy, as well as ensuring investors' confidence and commitment to building and operating nuclear power plants, he explained.

"With the establishment of OPPEN, the synergy between stakeholders will be stronger," he remarked.

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