Gianyar, Bali (ANTARA) - Water scarcity is expected to continue to intensify in Bali, including its neighboring islands, Java and Nusa Tenggara, until 2030, so all stakeholders must improve efforts to conserve water resources.

The statement was made by National Development Planning (PPN) Minister and head of the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa, in Gianyar, Bali, on Tuesday, while attending the launch of the Puri Kauhan Ubud Foundation's “water glorifying program” in Tukad Oos, which is a part of a river or irrigation network there.

"I fully support the water conservation efforts carried out by Puri Kauhan Ubud. This is because currently, based on the World Resources Institute (WRI) study in 2015, there are 36 countries with high levels of water stress," Monoarfa said.

A high level of water stress refers to a condition where water reserves are insufficient for meeting the demand for water in a country, he explained.

"In Indonesia, the phenomenon of water scarcity in Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara is expected to continue to grow until 2030," he said.

In simple terms, water conservation is an effort to manage water to ensure its smart utilization, sustainability, and availability while maintaining and improving its quality, he added.

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The Puri Kauhan Ubud Foundation has continued its efforts to conserve the environment in Bali by launching the “water glorification program” in Tukad Oos, themed “Nyapuh Tirah Campuhan,” along with several action programs.

The action programs include a seminar on the preservation and development of cultural heritage, folklore-telling video contest, water and soil conservation activities, economic revitalization of Balinese water irrigation system subak, and planting plants for production, ceremonial (upakara), and medicinal purposes.

They also cover revitalization of tourism villages, waste management training, an ecological painting exhibition, and a parade.

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