Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) decided to reshuffle his cabinet on Wednesday following in-depth consideration, according to Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung.

"It is not a sudden step. After quite mature thoughts and long discussions, the president indeed needs some sort of reshuffling of several ministers and deputy ministers. Why is it carried out now? It is because the momentum is calculated to be the most appropriate at this time," Anung noted here on Wednesday.

The cabinet secretary remarked that two ministers and three deputy ministers were reshuffled.

Anung expressed optimism that the presence of new ministers and deputy ministers would strengthen the existing cabinet.

With experience spanning the last eight years of the two presidential periods, Jokowi fully understands the existing problems, including those pertaining to cooking oil, food, and energy issues, he remarked.

"That is the priority. Hence, it needs a refresher in the cabinet," he stated.

The cabinet reshuffle is expected to make the cabinet work in a more agile manner, he noted, adding that the issue of food and inflation had currently become a global problem, for which an overhaul is deemed necessary.

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