Bakamla, BNPT to prevent terrorism in Indonesia's maritime territory

Bakamla, BNPT to prevent terrorism in Indonesia's maritime territory

Bakamla Head Vice Admiral Aan Kurnia and BNPT Head Boy Rafli Amar during the terrorism prevention and mitigation in maritime territory memorandum of understanding inking event at the Bakamla Headquarters here on Tuesday (June 21, 2022). ANTARA/HO-Humas Bakamla RI/FR

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla RI) and National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) have synergized to prevent and mitigate terrorism in Indonesia's maritime territory.

The commitment of synergy between the two parties was marked by the inking of a memorandum of understanding by Bakamla Head Vice Admiral Aan Kurnia and BNPT Head Boy Rafli Amar at the Bakamla Headquarters here on Tuesday.

"I believe that this cooperation will not only strengthen the effort to secure the maritime territory but also bolster the stakeholders' capacity in handling the mitigation of terrorism that is becoming more advanced," Kurnia noted in a statement on Wednesday.

He remarked that the memorandum of understanding is part of the plan to further develop the implementation of Bakamla's duty and function.

In accordance with the government's commitment, Bakamla strives to realize synergy and support the duty of related ministries or institutions within the national defense and security program that includes terrorism mitigation.

The memorandum of understanding also aims to serve as a foundation in implementing cooperation that mutually benefits the duty and function of Bakamla and BNPT, he remarked.

In addition, the memorandum of understanding demonstrated the commitment, intensity, and synergy in the efforts to conduct terrorism mitigation in a systemic and comprehensive manner, he affirmed.

The scope of the cooperation entails exchange of data and information, law enforcement, human resource capacity bolstering, and capacity and capability improvement, as well as optimal utilization of facilities and infrastructure owned by the agencies.

BNPT Head Boy Rafli Amar emphasized the need for accurate steps in formulating a comprehensive terrorism mitigation strategy to preserve the nation's security and safety.

Amar elaborated that this included cooperating with various related elements.

"I expect that with this memorandum of understanding, in the future, we can execute other cooperation programs, both between two institutions and with other related elements," he remarked.

"(This is) because what is most important is to always be present to protect the nation and the country from all kinds of evil threats, especially terrorism," he stated.

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