Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo's closeness with world leaders at the G7 Summit reflected genuine acceptance and trust, especially from Joe Biden, President of the United States, that symbolized western power, the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) stated.

"Of course, the friendly and warm meeting (instills a sense of) optimism for the success of President Jokowi's mission to Ukraine and Russia," Main Expert Staff of the KSP Siti Ruhaini Dzuhayatin noted in a written statement received here on Tuesday.

Dzuhayatin remarked that President Jokowi's main goal of the mission was to put a stop to the war between Ukraine and Russia and to invite the two countries to sit together in peaceful negotiations, with the aim of reducing the impact of the conflict, especially the casualties and refugee problems caused by it.

In addition, peace talks were meant to prevent the world from suffering from long-term food and energy crises caused by military conflicts.

She stated that the warm welcome from world leaders at the G7 summit would facilitate President Jokowi's mission and pave the way for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to achieve permanent peace.

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Additionally, the closeness between the president and world leaders will allow Indonesia, as the G20 president, to promote the G20 Summit in November 2022 as a means to improve efforts towards recovery.

"President Jokowi made (efforts to ensure that) the Indonesian G20 Presidency optimizes the modalities and role of Indonesia in world peace," she stated.

Thus, President Jokowi has always demonstrated strong commitment to maintaining world peace, as mandated by the Constitution, and also maintaining the legacy as the essence of the Non-Aligned Movement that advocated independence, opposed apartheid, and did not side with any military pact.

"In addition, the modalities of a free and active foreign policy allow Indonesia to be friendly with any country in maintaining world order, including Russia and Ukraine," she remarked.

She also opined that Russian President Vladimir Putin's acceptance of President Jokowi's visit showed that Indonesia was a true friend, who did not hesitate to reprimand friends for a greater good.

"Although Indonesia has also stated that Russia's military attack on Ukraine was unacceptable, President Putin still welcomed President Jokowi's visit," she pointed out.

"We all hope that the president's mission would put the war at ease and the two countries would continue efforts towards (achieving) more permanent peace," she concluded.

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