Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA) - At least 783 households were affected by floods and landslides triggered by heavy rain in Ambon, Maluku province, on Friday, the Ambon Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) informed.

Heavy rains pounded the area for more than 12 hours from Friday morning and continued until the evening.

"The Ambon city disaster mitigation operations control center continues to collect data on disaster points due to high rainfall," secretary of Ambon BPBD, Eva Tuhumury, said on Friday.

According to the Ambon BPBD’s records, floods, landslides, and fallen trees were reported in four sub-districts of Ambon.

There were at least seven flood points, 13 landslides, and two points where trees were toppled by rain.

The number of flood-affected families touched 770, with 13 families affected by landslides and around 715 homes inundated by floodwaters.

The 13 landslides were reported from two sub-districts: in front of a mosque in Sirimau in Batu Merah Village, as well as Baguala.

A concrete fence wall damaged the Aponno family's house in Amantelu Village, rendering one bedroom and living room unusable.

Landslides also struck Amauri Hamlet, Negeri Passo; Halong Baru; Batu Meja; Karpan; Negeri Batu Merah; and Batu Gajah.

Meanwhile, floods occurred in some locations, such as Hunuth Village, Waiheru, Batu Merah, Passo, Negeri Lama, and Hative Kecil, according to Ambon BPBD.

Flooding in front of the Ambon City Center (ACC) in Passo hampered community activities on the main road section.

Meanwhile, a tree fell on an elementary school building in Amahusu, Nusaniwe Sub-district, damaging the roof of a classroom.

Another fallen tree was reported in Negeri Halong, Baguala Sub-district, which affected access and community activities.

A talud infrastructure that serves to prevent the river from overflowing was damaged in Hunuth/Durian Patah Village, Teluk Ambon Sub-district.

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