Jakarta (ANTARA) - Head of the Hajj Health Center of the Health Ministry, Budi Sylvana, has urged returning Hajj pilgrims to proactively monitor their health for three weeks after their arrival in Indonesia.

"All pilgrims who return to the country are being given a Hajj Pilgrims Health Alert Card (K3JH). If they experience health issues, we urge the pilgrims to immediately consult with the nearest health facility to get treated by bringing the K3JH," he said at a virtual press conference followed via virtual meeting platform Zoom here on Thursday.

K3JH contains data on pilgrims who experienced health issues, based on the observations of the medical team in Saudi Arabia, he informed. With the help of the information in the K3JH, medical teams at health facilities can accurately monitor potential diseases that may arise.

The cards will be distributed to pilgrims at debarkation points and will be valid for 21 days from the time they arrive in Indonesia.

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According to Sylvana, COVID-19 is still among the infectious diseases that the Ministry of Health is monitoring for as pilgrims return to the country.

"Overall, in Saudi Arabia, it seems that the COVID-19 health protocols have been somewhat relaxed. Our pilgrims who conduct health checks in hospitals are not subjected to RT-PCR (testing) anymore," he said.

He informed that the first six batches of returning pilgrims are scheduled to depart from Saudi Arabia starting July 15, 2022.

Upon the pilgrims' arrival in Indonesia, officers will carry out health monitoring measures such as body temperature scans and check for symptoms of infectious diseases. Pilgrims whose body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius will have to undergo PCR testing, he added.

Hajj pilgrims who are declared healthy will be allowed to directly return to their regions by filling out K3JH information and conducting independent health surveillance, he informed.

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