Don't be afraid, Mr Anies (Baswedan), to come (to the higher court) to appeal against the verdict
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Hundreds of workers staged a rally outside the Jakarta City Hall on Wednesday to voice support for Governor Anies Baswedan's plan to appeal against the court verdict cancelling a provincial minimum wage hike.

The Indonesian Businessmen Association (Apindo) has filed a lawsuit with the State Administrative Court (PTUN) against the Jakarta governor's decision to raise the 2022 minimum provincial wage by 5.1 percent to Rp4,641,854 per month.

With the verdict, the PUTN declared the governor's decision as invalid.

In the rally, the workers threw their weight behind Baswedan's plan to appeal against the verdict.

Chief of the Jakarta Chapter of the National Labor Union (SPN) Andre Nasrullah said the workers are ready to support Baswedan's legal attempt.

"Don't be afraid, Mr Anies (Baswedan), to come (to the higher court) to appeal against the verdict. The Jakarta Chapter (of SPN) supports you until you become a president," he stated.

Nasrullah said various labor organizations, ranging from the Confederation of Indonesian Labor Union (KSPI) to the National Labor Union (SPN), have supported Baswedan since he assumed the Jakarta governorship.

The workers also supported the Jakarta governor's decision to raise the minimum wage by 5.1 percent for 2022.

"Since he was nominated for Jakarta governor, the KSPI of Jakarta Chapter, along with workers, have taken a decision to support him. Also, since he decided (the 2022) minimum provincial wage, we have been here. Is that true?" he questioned.

He said Baswedan had met representatives of workers and pledged to raise the minimum wage by prioritizing justice for all sides.

"The governor came to meet us. He pledged to decide the minimum wage of Jakarta Province based on (the principles of) justice. Is that true?" he said.

There is no report of PUTN deciding the amount of minimum provincial wage, he added.

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