Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government campaigns for the healthy living community movement (GERMAS) to prevent and overcome public health problems.

At an event titled "Cultivating a Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS)" that was monitored online here on Friday, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy reminded the public that preventing disease is better than treating it.

"Preventing disease is better than treating it. For example, by walking regularly, you can maintain your heart health. Preventing heart disease is free. However, if you already have heart disease, then the treatment will be expensive," he remarked.

Hence, he affirmed that the government continues to endeavor to educate the public to implement a clean and healthy lifestyle to prevent various diseases.

"Spending money for a healthy life will be much cheaper than the cost of treating disease," he emphasized.

"Hence, the community must cultivate a clean and healthy lifestyle, as this is very beneficial for improving the health of each individual and family," he remarked.

Effendy noted that the healthy living movement that should be implemented by the community included seven activities: engaging in physical activity, eating fruits and vegetables, abstaining from smoking, not consuming alcoholic beverages, conducting regular health checks, maintaining environmental cleanliness, and using the toilet while defecating and urinating.

"This program must be a movement that runs at the lower level. It is the people, who must get used to it and cultivate healthy living behaviors," Effendy stated.

The minister expressed belief that implementation of a clean and healthy lifestyle would not only prevent illness and other health problems but also improve the quality of health and productivity.

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