Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan said that he is now focusing on the effort to stabilize the prices of eggs and flour while also seeking the causes behind the rise of their prices.

"We hope that the price of flour will decline in September," he remarked while monitoring the prices of basic goods in Dukuh Kupang Surabaya Market, East Java, on Sunday.

According to the price monitoring from East Java's Basic Material Price Availability and Development Information System (Siskaperbapo), the price of flour currently reaches Rp11 thousand to Rp12 thousand.

Earlier, the price of the flour in the market stood at Rp9,000 to Rp10,500.

In addition to flour, the current price of chicken eggs also reaches Rp27 thousand to Rp30 thousand, which is a hike from the normal price of around Rp20 thousand.

The minister, who monitors various traditional markets, also informed that only the price of chicken eggs that remains high.

"I am still checking the rise of chicken egg price and strive to stabilize it," he remarked.

Meanwhile, he informed that the the prices of other basic goods have been stable.

For instance, the price of beef, when he became minister in mid-June, was Rp155 thousand per kg.
"Now, the price has returned to normal with Rp120 thousand per kg," he noted.

Similar occurrence happened with chicken meat. It was previously sold at Rp52 thousand per kg but the price has now returned to normal with Rp31 thousand.

In addition, the price of red onion which had ever touched Rp80 thousand per kg has now declined to Rp28 thousand.

After bring appointed as the trade minister in mid-June, Hasan had visited and monitored the prices condition of basic goods in Surabaya twice, namely in Wonokromo Market and Dukuh Kupang Market.

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Translator: Fiqih A, Hanif N, Fadhli R
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