They need not be shackled and confined as long as they receive proper treatment
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini reiterated the ministry's commitment to raising awareness of psychosocial disorders to remove the social stigma against residents with such disorders.

"We will conduct a campaign to inform residents that (those with psychosocial disorders) can be cured and will not harm others if they receive medical care. They need not be shackled and confined as long as they receive proper treatment. The campaign is also our effort to encourage residents not to have a negative stigma against residents with psychosocial disabilities," Rismaharini stated here, Friday.

Efforts to improve the living conditions and social perception of residents with psychosocial disabilities were made following the ministry's findings that some rehabilitation homes for psychosocial disorders are lacking proper licenses to operate.

Moreover, issues on the treatment of people with psychosocial disabilities had been highlighted during the recent international conference on disabilities in Geneva, Switzerland, the minister noted.

She said that some rehabilitation homes have no license to collect goods and funds from the social affairs ministry despite having other legal licenses granted by another ministry.

"During our meeting, we found that some rehabilitation homes have the legal administration license from the ministry of law and human rights, but they have no goods and funds collection license from our ministry," Rismaharini pointed out.

The minister underlined that of the existing 20 thousand rehabilitation homes, only three rehabilitation homes had obtained the license to collect funds and goods despite the common practice of levying fees on families.

"After we examined the rehabilitation home accreditation for some 20 thousand homes, we found that only three have obtained the license despite they levying fees. Often, families are required to pay Rp2-3 million to have their family member with psychosocial disorder treated (in a rehabilitation home)," she stated.

To address the issue, Rismaharini invited psychiatry professional organizations, religious organizations, disability rights organizations, and psychologists to the ministry meeting.

She noted that to raise awareness of psychosocial disabilities, the ministry will propose October 6 as National Psychosocial Disabilities Day.

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Translator: Devi Nindy Sari R, Nabil Ihsan
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