We already have a working unit called the Global Partnership Center, which focuses on conducting international audits.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian State Audit Board (BPK) is aiming to join the United Nations Board of Auditors (UN BoA) to showcase the credibility of the nation’s auditors at the global level.

"If we are admitted to the UN BoA in 2026, we will be able to audit 12 entities under the purview of the UN. We have such a milestone," BPK Chief Isma Yatun informed during a media briefing at the BPK Office in Jakarta on Monday.

The BPK wants its audit capacity to not be limited to the financial statements of government institutions, but cover those of international agencies.

"We already have a working unit called the Global Partnership Center, which focuses on conducting international audits,” Yatun said.

According to BPK deputy chief Agus Joko Pramono the only international institution that is applying the International Public Sectors Accounting Standards (IPSAS) 100 percent is the UN.

Thus, by auditing UN financial statements, the BPK will gain a complete understanding of IPSAS implementation, he said.

Indonesia has begun applying IPSAS, though its implementation has not reached 100 percent, he informed. Hence, it is important for BPK to become a UN auditor to improve its audit quality.

UN BoA membership will make it possible for the BPK to audit the financial statements of international institutions in a massive way, he said.

So far, Indonesia has served as the external auditor of international institutions such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for two periods and the International Maritime Organization.

The BPK will have to compete with financial audit institutions from other countries to become a UN auditor.

"(UN) BoA (membership) is decided by a UN General Assembly Resolution. At present, (UN) BoA comprises China, France, and Chile. We have the chance to replace China in 2026. The registration for it and so on has started from now on," he added.

Indonesia also has a chance to chair the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), he said.

"If we have achieved the target, we will maintain it because we hold the administrative authority of all development processes of BPK worldwide. We aim to externalize what BPK has done and to absorb what is happening in the world in terms of quality standard, technology information, human resources development, and so on," he added.

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