We have natural resources that can be utilized for power plants in addition to coal, oil, and natural gas
Samarinda, East Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The East Kalimantan provincial government explores cooperation with intergovernmental and supranational organizations, with membership comprising European Union countries, in the development of clean and fair energy transition.

The provincial government has met with European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson, East Kalimantan Government official Riza Indra Riadi noted through his statement on Tuesday.

The meeting discussed several potential natural resources existing in East Kalimantan that can be developed into energy sources, he noted.

"We have natural resources that can be utilized for power plants in addition to coal, oil, and natural gas," he remarked.

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Riadi deemed the meeting with Simson as important for the utilization of renewable energy, as Indonesia, specifically East Kalimantan, still uses fossil-based energy sources.

The meeting is still in the exploration stage, and an agreement had yet to be reached between the two parties, he emphasized.

Despite this, the East Kalimantan provincial government welcomes anyone seeking to invest in East Kalimantan in various sectors, he noted.

Currently, the provincial government is still listing what can be done and what should be the follow-up action, he stated.

Meanwhile, Simson noted that the European Union has committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and significantly increase its renewable energy mix and energy efficiency by 2030.

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To ensure energy transition at the global level, the European Union has to cooperate with partners all over the world, and Indonesia becomes a key country in this matter, she explained.

Simson highlighted the European Union's readiness to cooperate with international partners, such as Indonesia, in green and fair transition since the European Union has extensive experience in green transition and reducing fuel usage.

Meanwhile, to expedite energy transition, the European Union has developed various policies to support faster unveiling of renewable energy projects while retiring fossil fuel gradually.

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