Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) expects university students and the community to become volunteers in the handling of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) that affects livestock in the country.

Young Expert Policy Analyst of the Preparedness Directorate of BNPB Iis Yulianti said students and the community are among the elements in the Penta helix collaboration for disaster management.

"When a disaster occurs, students, the community, and other communities are expected to become disaster volunteers, humanitarian volunteers where they have the ability and concern to work voluntarily and sincerely in disaster management," she stated at the "Role and function of students and the community in controlling FMD in Indonesia" webinar followed online here on Friday.

Yulianti noted that the synergy is also stipulated in BNPB Head Regulation Number 17 of 2011 on Guidelines for Disaster Management Volunteers. Students and the community can play a role by reporting FMD cases through the InaRISK application owned by BNPB.

By reporting cases of FMD transmission, students and the community can contribute to the monitoring of FMD prevention and handling. Furthermore, it can be used as a review to make policy recommendations.

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Yulianti noted that students and the community could also conduct dissemination of information and education to the public, farmers, and traders.

In the implementation, students and the community are expected to establish good communication with the local community, Yulianti remarked. Thus, mapping can be conducted of areas with FMD cases where more intense intervention can be conducted, she added.

Furthermore, this matter can be handled by universities by conducting studies related to FMD in livestock.

"It is hoped that students and the community can contribute to controlling FMD by reporting incidents," she remarked.

She explained that the InaRISK application could describe the scope of areas that are at risk of disaster, the affected population, the potential for physical and economic losses, and the potential damage to the environment and is integrated with various data and information for the implementation of measurements against the outlook to disasters.
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