Bandung, West Java (ANTARA) - West Java Governor M. Ridwan Kamil ensured that the prices of basic commodities at the Balubur Town Square Traditional Market, Bandung City, on Monday, were stable after the adjustment in fuel price.

"Today, I am monitoring. In general, there is no significant increase in fuel prices," Kamil stated after reviewing the prices of basic necessities in the market.

However, some prices for basic items, including fish, had increased.

"Although the price of fish went up, it did not rise significantly. Fish was the only (item whose) price increase was influenced by fuel. Fish, priced at Rp20 thousand, is sold for Rp26 thousand. Upon being asked, it turns out that it was impacted by the fuel (price increase)," he elaborated.

On the other hand, the price of chili was stable again, although it had yet to reach its normal price.

Kamil said that the price of chili had increased due to limited stock and not due to the increase in fuel prices.

"Other things are more because of supply, not because of fuel, which is chili, thank God. However, it had yet to go down to its normal price. This is still related to the increase in supply," he said.

Upon his visit to the traditional market, the governor had the opportunity to converse with a meat seller.

He drew attention to the trend of fewer people buying chicken and beef.

"An interesting phenomenon is the decrease in buyers for meat, according to chicken traders, even though the price is normal -- and also beef traders have no problem in their prices. However, according to them, the number of buyers is declining," he stated.

In addition, tofu was being produced in smaller quantity due to the difficulty in finding soybeans.

He projects this occurrence all across the world.

"Then, adaptation to the scarcity of soybeans. The interesting phenomenon is that the (size of) tofu is getting smaller and not bulky, now at a price of Rp500. The phenomenon of this product shrinking occurs globally," he stated.

"Hence, do not be surprised that supermarket products, which are usually (huge in size), suddenly shrink. It is part of adaptation," he stated.

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Translator: Ajat Sudrajat, Mecca Yumna
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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