This should be done by November 2022, at the latest. We encourage Meratus to immediately complete the dossier
Jakarta (ANTARA) - ​​​Meratus Geopark can be acknowledged as a UNESCO Geopark (UGG) by submitting a dossier that should be completed by November 2022, Executive Chief of the Indonesian National Committee for UNESCO (KNIU) Itje Chodidjah stated.

"Meratus has already submitted a letter of intent and it has been accepted by UNESCO. For the next process, they have to fill out a dossier," she told ANTARA here on Monday.

"This should be done by November 2022, at the latest. We encourage Meratus to immediately complete the dossier," she added.

The dossier contains several aspects that should be formulated comprehensively, such as why Meratus can be a UNESCO Geopark and what uniqueness or richness exists within the geopark.

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According to Chodidjah, the geoparks in Indonesia have the potential to receive the UNESCO Geopark status, since each geopark has its own uniqueness, including Meratus Geopark.

Receiving UNESCO Geopark status plays a role in preserving the geopark's environment. The status guarantees the world's attention, to ensure the preservation of these geoparks' uniqueness, she noted.

Being acknowledged as UNESCO Global Geopark is not just about receiving certifications, but also, more importantly, ensuring the protection of many people from being hurt, she noted.

Indonesia has several other geoparks that already receives the UNESCO Geopark status, such as the Batur Mount Geopark, Sewu Mount Geopark, and Rinjani Geopark.

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Recently, Maros Pangkep Geopark officially became part of UNESCO Geopark, according to the findings of the UNESCO Global Geopark council meeting in Thailand.

Through a press statement on September 5, General Manager of Maros Pangkep Geopark Executive Board Dedy Irfan noted that the expectation of the Maros and Pangkep people and government finally became a reality.

This results is the fruit of the people's hard work in meeting the criteria from UNESCO, he added.

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