Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Coordinating Human Development and Cultural Affairs Minister Muhadjir Effendy commended efforts initiated by the public university in Pontianak, Tanjungpura University, to improve internet signal in border regions.

"There are border regions in West Kalimantan. Hence, improvement in border regions will be essential," Effendy stated after presenting a public lecture to Tanjungpura University lecturer and students here, Thursday.

Improving telecommunication signals in border regions will make border residents sense greater pride in being part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, he affirmed.

The coordinating minister deemed that efforts to boost connectivity in border regions are apt to ensure the government's presence in border regions, Indonesia's showcase to neighboring countries.

"It will be hilarious if we always urge residents in border regions to contribute to the nation, yet they could not access basic facilities, such as the internet. I fully support this program, and I will communicate (about the program) with the state-owned enterprises minister to support and provide internet network facilities in border regions," Effendy expounded.

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Meanwhile, Tanjungpura University rector Professor Garuda Wiko said that last August, he and 35 other higher educational institution leaders, whose research proposals were accepted by the government, had inked a contract with the ministry.

The research proposal submitted by Tanjungpura University is on internet signal improvement to bolster national resilience in West Kalimantan Province's border regions, he noted, adding that the research is conducted as part of the National Movement of Mental Revolution (GNRM).

"The GNRM programme is initiated as a collaboration between the coordinating ministry and the Indonesian Rectors' Forum (FRI). The programme is also our effort to strengthen the roles and functions of higher education institutions to create an advanced, noble character, quality, innovative, competitive, and Pancasilaist human resources," Wiko remarked.

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