Jakarta (ANTARA) - The national rowing team can take lessons from its performance in the World Rowing Championships (WRC) in Racice, the Czech Republic, as it prepares for the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, coach Muhammad Hadris said.

"The WRC results became an initial step for the 2023 Asian Games because, in WRC, there were Indonesian team's competitors such as China, Japan, Uzbekistan, and Hong Kong," Hadris told ANTARA here on Friday.

Other than a competition, the 2022 WRC could be a tool to measure and map out the skills of rival teams who will participate in the Asian Games, he said.

The Red and White squad sent 10 athletes to compete in 3 of the 14 branches featured in the WRC.

Ferdiansyah, Ali Buton, Ghifari Denri Maulidzar, and Ardi Isadi competed in the men's four (M4-), and placed 19th after the final D result showed Boat Under Weight (BUW).

Meanwhile, in the M4x match, Indonesia’s Ihram, Sulpianto, Rendi Setia Maulana, and Memo finished 17th in the final C with a time of 5:58.63 minutes.

In the lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x), Indonesia was represented by Chelsea Corputty and Mutiara Putri, who finished in the 20th position in the final D with a time of 7:30.99 seconds.

Even though Indonesia has not won a medal yet, the team's competitiveness has progressed, Hadris said.

"In M4X and M4-, the Indonesian team was still 5-second behind the Chinese team, who was also the host of the Asian Games. The Indonesian team must train more actively to level or even exceed the time record," he said, adding that the national training (Pelatnas) will be held again on October 4.

To achieve its goal, the Indonesian team needs the government's support, especially from the Youth and Sports Ministry, he stated.

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