Jakarta (ANTARA) - Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif emphasized the importance of good quality human resources to support the government's efforts to expedite the energy transition process.

"In facing the challenges ahead, especially the implementation of energy transition, quality human resources are needed. Those who master science and technology (are needed), so that they can create innovations in the ESDM sector," the minister stated at the 2022 Subroto Award presentation event here on Tuesday.

Tasrif said the government continued to anticipate global energy policies, in which the current policy was geared towards clean energy, low emissions, and eco-friendliness.

One manifestation of the government's commitment in adopting clean energy was by setting energy transition as one of the issues raised during Indonesia's G20 Presidency.

Through the theme of promoting a cleaner global energy system and a just transition to sustainable recovery, the government laid emphasis on the main issues of energy accessibility, clean energy technology, and funding.

To achieve this goal, good-quality human resources and extensive innovation was needed, he stated.

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"This certainly gives encouragement to all of us, including the younger generation, to be able to contribute more to this sector," he pointed out.

The minister further spoke of measures being formulated to achieve Net-Zero Emissions by 2060 through some strategies, including Massive New and Renewable Energy (EBT) development, including hydrogen and nuclear; gradual retirement of steam power plants; use of clean technology through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), as well as the use of electric vehicles and induction cookers; development of household gas network; use of biofuels; energy management and minimum energy performance standards.

"In the energy transition period, fossil energy, oil and gas, and coal still have an important role to be developed before cleaner energy is available," he elaborated.

The 2022 Subroto Award, which was the most prestigious in the energy and mineral resources sector, is expected to contribute to the government's efforts to achieve Net Zero Emission by 2060 or sooner, he remarked.

"I really appreciate the innovations and efforts that have been developed in advancing the energy and mineral resources sector. Your achievements and contributions have great meaning in the progress of the nation," he commended.

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