Social media branding is a branding activity conducted using social media
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry and Siberkreasi shared knowledge and information of social media branding, a digital business concept, for Sumatra's people during a webinar on Monday .

At the event, Executive Director of ICT Watch, Indiriyanto Banyumurti, discussed the concept of social media branding from the perspective of digital skills.

"Social media branding is a branding activity conducted using social media. Social media branding can help our business or brand to increase sales and acquire and expand new markets," Banyumurti stated, as quoted from a press statement from the ministry and Siberkreasi, on Tuesday.

He shared some tips to improve branding on social media.

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"First, be consistent in creating and posting content. Second, determine posting hours on social media, so that consumers can see it easily. Third, use attractive designs. Lastly, create relevant and useful content," he stated.

On the other hand, MAFINDO Jakarta volunteer and digital literacy practitioner Sukma Nurjagat discussed the concept of social media branding as seen from the digital ethics perspective.

"Social media branding cannot be separated from what is called ethics because in doing branding, we communicate to provide information to who (our) audience are," Nurjagat added.

He also shared some tips to adopt good ethics in social media branding.

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"First, do not create content that vilifies other brands. Second, always provide honest information. Lastly, always understand that the communication we do in the digital world is communication between humans, not humans and technology," he stated.

Moreover, Mafindo Education Committee and digital literacy practitioner, Julita Hazelianan, discussed about branding from the perspective of the digital safe pillar.

"No matter what activities we do in the digital space, nothing is a hundred percent safe. Therefore, always thinking critically and not believing everything on the internet easily can be one of the most effective security protections to prevent us from acts of internet crime," she concluded.

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