Jakarta (ANTARA) - Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno stated that Ugar Tourism Village in Kokas Sub-district, Fakfak District, West Papua, had a unique history and sustainable ecotourism.

“Seeing these various potentials, we are here and will conduct training and mentoring. Hopefully, we would be able to improve the economy of Ugar Village," he stated during a visit to the tourist village, as quoted from an official statement received on Friday.

The Ugar Tourism Village was said to have marine tourism potential, comprising landscapes of small islands, blue skies, and tropical rain combo. The village also has an alluring expanse of water and land area, beach with white sands, and with coconut trees lining the shores.

"All the way to Ugar Village, our eyes are treated to the beautiful scenery as well as extraordinary cultural attractions," Uno stated.

The karst islands in Ugar Village were said to be similar to ones, such as in Raja Ampat in Raja Ampat District. The islands have prehistoric paintings and archaeological remains on the walls of karst cliffs.

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“I just came, and it is immediately raining. Even though the rain persists, we keep going on because the rain in Ugar Village, Fakfak District, brought blessings. When it rains, this area is still beautiful, so Ugar Village must be developed as a tourist destination," he remarked.

Most residents of Ugar Village are Muslims, and they live in the elongated settlement built along the village pathway, and their icon is a domed mosque.

Around the village is also the Patimburak Old Mosque, the oldest historic mosque located on the Papua peninsula. The mosque is one of the historical relics of Islam in Papua and is one of the centers of Islam in the region.

The community still maintains the mosque's design that incorporated the elements of the church and mosque. Such architecture is deemed as being the manifestation of the strong tolerance between religions in Fakfak District.

"The creative economy potential in Ugar Village is also promising, starting from culinary uniqueness, such as yellow snapper fish, tagas-tagas, stir-fried kangkong, bamboo-grilled chicken, palm cake, nutmeg syrup, and roasted coconut rice," he elaborated.

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