Everyone has a responsibility to build the nation.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, while addressing his ranks, emphasized that Youth Pledge Day commemoration should not become a mere ceremony, as it must also bolster the spirit to serve the country and community.

"Our bureaucracy should not be conducted half-heartedly, as it must run fast to realize excellent public services," he remarked while leading the Youth Pledge Day ceremony here on Friday.

Qoumas noted that there are several big agendas of the ministry that should be completed this year.

Tolerance and Religious Moderation Year as well as service digitization were priority programs that had to be maintained by the ministry, he remarked.

Thus, the minister called on his side to continue to boost their spirit in maintaining the harmony of the community’s diversity.

"Hopefully, our steps in strengthening the role of the Religious Affairs Ministry (in maintaining the harmony) would always be blessed," he stated.

Furthermore, Qoumas said that the Religious Affairs Ministry's performance was always monitored by several other parties, thereby indicating that the strategies and policies imposed by his side were highly anticipated.

"Hence, coinciding with the 94th Youth Pledge Day in 2022, I invite the ranks of the Religious Affairs Ministry to become more organized, focused, and measured in conducting their respective tasks," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Head of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Fatwa Affairs Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh stated that the 94th commemoration of Youth Pledge Day -- observed on October 28 -- was a momentum to encourage the spirit and commitment of various parties to unite in diversity.

"Diversity can become a strength (of a country), and young people can play an optimal role in building a joint commitment to advance the nation together," he stated.

Nonetheless, Sholeh noted that synergy from all parties is required in developing a nation. Thus, not only young people but the whole community must also unite to realize the ideals of the nation.

"Everyone has a responsibility to build the nation. We must promote the commitment of the Youth Pledge (for national unity). There must be a collective awareness (to maintain the unity)," he added.

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Translator: Asep Firmansyah, Uyu Liman
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