Penajam, Kaltim (ANTARA) - The central government has readied a health service center in Sepaku Sub-district, North Penajam Paser District, East Kalimantan, that was appointed as the core area of the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara.

Head of the North Penajam Paser Health Service Jansje Grace Makisurat said here on Saturday that her side would improve and complete the facilities of several health service centers to anticipate a large number of infrastructure workers for the development of IKN Nusantara.

She remarked that the health service centers included the Regional General Hospital or Sepaku Hospital, Sepaku Satu Health Center, Sepaku Dua Health Center, Semoi Dua Health Center, and Maridan Health Center in Sepaku Sub-district.

The North Penajam Paser District Government also proposed adding health workers to the health service center in a bid to anticipate the increasing need for health services in the IKN Nusantara area.

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Makisurat accentuated the need to increase the number of health workers since the number of construction workers entering the region would reach hundreds of thousands.

"The hospital and the four health centers are prepared to support health services at IKN Nusantara," she stated in Penajam, Saturday.

Earlier, the Sepaku Regional Hospital type D had been built since the region was appointed as the new core area that was located in Sukaraja Village. Moreover, the village will receive special allocation funds (DAK) worth around Rp20 billion in 2023, Makisurat remarked.

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Later, the central government will provide Rp8 billion for the procurement of medical equipment and Rp12 billion for the construction of inpatient rooms, she added.

Earlier, the hospital only had 50 beds, but after the inpatient room was built, the capacity increased to 100 beds.

The Ministry of Health has also implemented a new plan for the construction of Sepaku Hospital located in the core area of IKN Nusantara in 2024, Makisurat remarked.

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