Mamuju, West Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The West Sulawesi Provincial Government organized an early warning system training to strengthen the region's disaster preparedness.

"This activity was inspired by an incident (landslide) some time ago in Onang Village that covered the Trans Sulawesi Road in Majene District. I received information for the first time from the regional police," Acting Governor of West Sulawesi, Akmal Malik, stated here on Monday.

According to Malik, the training was a new step to establish the province's preparedness against disasters.

Malik expressed gratitude that the incident could be handled quickly owing to the collaboration and cooperation of all parties.

West Sulawesi has the highest risk for disasters in Indonesia, he pointed out.

"Based on the disaster risk index data in 2021, West Sulawesi has the highest risk score, at 164.85 points," he pointed out.

Hence, he encouraged all parties to collaborate to exercise vigilance against disasters in West Sulawesi.

"The key is in collaboration. Please erase the selfishness. When there is a disaster, all parties must be mobilized, and there must be collaboration among the provincial government, district governments, and related agencies," he emphasized.

Disaster handling cannot be conducted individually but must rather (be done) together, such as by involving the regional governmental apparatus organization (OPD).

He also affirmed that the training aimed at producing results in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP).

"We want the (training) results that (trainees) be able to identify disaster risk hotspots across the districts," Malik affirmed.

Furthermore, the implementation of training was a form of the provincial government's preparedness on account of the high potential for disasters in Sulawesi, Acting Chief of the West Sulawesi Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Amri Ekasakti remarked.

"Mainly, (the training comprises) concrete actions of disaster mitigation on the Sulawesi Line, so that the distribution of goods and services can run smoothly," Ekasakti explained.

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Translator: Amirullah, Kenzu
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