Jakarta (ANTARA) - The music committee of the Jakarta Arts Council (DKJ) is holding the International Ethnic Music Festival at Ismail Marzuki Park, Jakarta, from November 7–8, 2022, to promote traditional musicians.

"We give space (for ethnic music) and hopefully, this can rise the next generation's passion to appreciate traditional music because it is the wealth we have," Azfansadra Karim from DKJ’s music committee remarked here on Monday.

The event, formerly called the Ethno Music Festival, is being held for the third time in 2022.

The festival aims to create a wide appreciation space for traditional musicians, both in the country and the world.

The festival is expected to encourage dialogue between traditional musicians amid the changing times and give rise to innovative ideas on the preservation and development of traditional music so that it can remain relevant for the younger generation.

That way, traditional musicians can regenerate and traditional music would not fall to extinction. Further, the digital generation has provided an opportunity for the re-mapping of traditional music through new media.

The festival features two discussion sessions on the development and preservation of traditional music.

The first focuses on the traditional music ecosystem in Indonesia and involve Jabatin Bangun (ethnomusicologist from the Jakarta Art Institute), Gilang Ramadhan (musician), and Nyak Ina Raseuki (musician).

The second discussion covers tradition-based new music creation and involve Rino Dezapaty (traditional musician), Hery Budiawan (musicologist from Jakarta State University), and Boo Boo Sianturi (musician).

It also features six performances by domestic and overseas traditional musicians: Rapai Pase (Aceh), Timur Jauh (Ternate), Riau Rhythm (Riau), Kadapat (Bali), Sinar Baru (Tangerang), and Leon Gilberto Medellin (Mexico), Cristina Duque (Ecuador), and Victor Hugo (Mexico), who will hold a special masterclass on Latin American music and dance. Related news: Jakarta promoting love of reading to boost human resource quality
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Translator: Nanien Y, Kenzu
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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