Pertamina Geothermal Energy is committed, in the next five years, to increase the installed (geothermal) capacity of 600 megawatts
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina has ramped up its geothermal energy capacity as one of the important efforts in achieving its carbon emission reduction target significantly.

During a discussion at the Indonesian Pavilion on the sidelines of the COP-27 event in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Monday, Pertamina Geothermal Energy CEO Ahmad Yuniarto explained that the energy company has supported and will continue to extend support to the Indonesian government's measures to achieve net zero emissions by 2060.

Yuniarto further explained that Pertamina is targeting the achievement of net zero emissions by 2060 with the support of various decarbonization measures and green businesses, including the development of its geothermal capacity.

He also highlighted that the latest National Electricity General Plan carried out to add more installed geothermal capacity in Indonesia will provide significant reduction in carbon emissions in the country.

"We have the opportunity to make a cumulative reduction of up to 1,200 million tons of carbon emissions equivalent," Yuniarto remarked.

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Such a cumulative reduction will have a large potential contribution -- from the geothermal sector in Indonesia -- for the achievement of urgent net zero emissions.

Yuniarto remarked that Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE) currently manages 13 geothermal working areas in Indonesia, with an installed capacity of 1,877 Megawatts (MW), comprising 672 MW operated and managed directly by PGE and 1,205 MW managed under a joint operation contract scenario.

That amount of geothermal capacity represents 82 percent of the total installed geothermal capacity in Indonesia.

Moreover, Yuniarto emphasized the important role of geothermal for energy transition and achieving zero carbon progress, with the energy sector having a 10-fold lower emission footprint than power generation using fossil fuels.

"Pertamina Geothermal Energy is committed, in the next five years, to increase the installed (geothermal) capacity of 600 megawatts," he stated.

Yuniarto remarked that the commitment will help to avoid the generation of around 15.7 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year.

"This is a big and real contribution from Pertamina while we together strengthen the baseload of renewable energy in Indonesia," he stated.

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Apart from encouraging emission reductions through additional installed geothermal capacity, PGE also supports the rehabilitation of 588 hectares of forest areas.

"This is a fact that many people do not realize that geothermal developers are also working to support (rehabilitation) in nearly 600 hectares of forest areas," Yuniarto pointed out.

He remarked that PGE, in running its businesses, continues to be committed to geothermal development and ensures the implementation of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) to become an integrated part of the company's geothermal business.

PGE's role in the implementation of ESG aspects is an effort to provide added value and support to national programs related to the use of new and renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, particularly geothermal.

PGE's commitment to developing geothermal energy can also contribute to achieving several targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs: the 7th Goal (Clean and Affordable Energy), the 12th Goal (Responsible Construction and Production), the 13th Goal (Climate Change Management), and the 15th Goal (Land Ecosystem).

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