Garut, West Java (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin instructed the recently inducted Presidential Special Envoy for Poverty Eradication Cooperation and Food Resilience, Muhamad Mardiono, to coordinate with relevant authorities to perform his duties.

"My instruction to Mr Mardiono is to coordinate with authorities relevant to poverty (management) to achieve (policy) synchronization," Amin stated after attending Al Jauhari Pesantren's 18th Anniversary commemoration event here, Thursday.

He expounded that policy synchronization will be implemented by addressing all overlaps in the planning and implementation of poverty eradication and food resilience programs, as multiple stakeholders are required for the two missions.

"Hence, there would be no overlap and to ensure a single goal in the matter of (achieving) food resilience and (population) empowerment and poverty eradication," Amin noted.

The presidential special envoy could approach any institutions relevant to his duties to synchronize all programs and map out possible issues in it, the vice president remarked.

"We have the TNP2K (National Team for Poverty Eradication Acceleration). Apart from the TNP2K, which is responsible for tackling poverty issues, we also have the National Food Agency," he remarked.

President Joko Widodo, last Wednesday (November 23), inaugurated Mardiono as the Presidential Special Envoy for Poverty Eradication Cooperation and Food Resilience, with Presidential Decision No. 48/M of 2022 as the legal basis for the induction.

Before his induction as the special envoy, Mardiono served as member of the Presidential Advisory Council in the people's welfare department.

After his inauguration, the official said he is tasked with bolstering domestic food resilience to anticipate possible effects of the recession and the global crises.

"We need to conceive ways to develop domestic food resilience because we understand that food (resilience) will be the main priority while facing the recession and the global crises," he stated.

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