Purwakarta, West Java (ANTARA) - Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Minister Teten Masduki noted that the Indonesia Manufacturing Center (IMC), pioneered by the Ministry of Industry, will boost the productivity of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

"I express appreciation to the Ministry of Industry because IMC, which is currently being developed, is one of the essential foundations to boost the productivity of our MSMEs," he stated at the inauguration of the IMC development here on Monday.

According to Masduki, the presence of IMC, in which one of the focus areas is developing innovations in the manufacture of domestic industrial machines, will greatly support the domestic industry in the production process, including the MSME sector.

This is because several machines used by industries and MSMEs are still imported from various countries.

Masduki further noted that apart from boosting productivity, MSME players would also be able to procure machinery at more affordable prices, as they are sourced from within the country.

"IMC also has the potential to substitute industrial machinery imports for MSMEs," he added.

With innovation in machinery, MSMEs can adopt more advanced technology in their production processes, the minister stated.

Masduki assessed that it could become a solution for problems that MSMEs are currently facing, such as low productivity and the low use of technology in the production process.

The Ministry of Industry is developing IMC, with the objective of expediting the mastery of technology for the manufacturing industry sector.

The development of IMC is pushed by the goals of the Industry Ministry to boost competitiveness and independence of the national industry through the development and improvement of mastery of industrial technology.

The development of IMC, which will be conducted on a 11-hectare plot of land in total, is one of the efforts to bolster the national industry structure through improving technological mastery, so that the national industry can produce industrial products which, so far, are still imported.

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Translator: Sella Panduarsa, Raka Adji
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