We specifically designate this service for MSMEs
Jakarta (ANTARA) - PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) is foraying into the fulfillment business, or temporary storage of goods, in a bid to reduce logistics costs for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Director for Courier and Logistics Business at PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Siti Choiriana stated that the fulfillment business, through the Stori warehouse service, was a special program prepared by the company to restore the condition of MSMEs that had earlier fallen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We specifically designate this service for MSMEs, so they can store goods without having to pay in advance because we know they do not have money if their products do not sell well," she noted in Jakarta, Monday.

Choiriana explained that MSME players can store their various products in the Warehouse, ranging from t-shirt merchandise, various fashion items, to food and beverages.

According to Choiriana, the Stori Warehouse is a proven storage place, as it is equipped with a layered security system and the location of the warehouse is close to consumers, thereby making ordinary logistics costs cheaper.

"Consumers of MSME products can choose the same-day service delivery package because the warehouses are located at market centers. Automatically, for MSMEs, when the goods are sold, they only need to pay a percentage of the duration of storage, only three percent, so they can reduce logistics costs," she remarked.

Pos Indonesia has at least 151 warehouses for storing MSME players' goods. Moreover, as many as 4,800 post offices, spread throughout Indonesia, can also be used for goods storage.

Through the Stori warehouse service, the company prepares all the needs of MSMEs, starting from product storage, design, photos, warehouses, shipping, to delivering goods directly to consumers.

"The Stori warehouse in Tambun is now full, and there is no more space. We will open again in other areas," she stated.

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