Bandung (ANTARA) - State-run PT Pos Indonesia has appealed to people to be more vigilant against phishing scams following reports of phishing links being sent to its customers via fake goods delivery notifications bearing the postal service company's name.

Phishing is a type of scam carried out using digital technology with the aim of tricking people into disclosing sensitive personal and financial data, including those related to their bank accounts.

"We would like to ask the public to exercise a higher level of caution," Pos Indonesia's corporate secretary, Tata Sugiarta, said in a statement received in Bandung, West Java, on Friday.

People should not easily trust any short message sent from an unknown phone number that contains a link to a website, he added.

He informed that Pos Indonesia has received reports from people who got short messages in the name of the company, asking them to click a link to learn about issues concerning the delivery of goods.

Sugiarta said that some of the messages stated, "We are currently unable to proceed with the delivery of your goods due to the wrong address. Please, check on the link below."

"The truth is that we never send such messages. We suspect that those messages were sent randomly to anyone by irresponsible people," he added.

He affirmed that Pos Indonesia does not contact customers via short messages, let alone ask them about confidential data.

Sugiarta said that if they receive a phishing message, customers can lodge a complaint with Pos Indonesia via its customer service officers at post offices and contact center number 1500161. To get updates on the status of delivery, customers can visit the company's official website, he added.

"Pos Indonesia will continue to encourage people to be more aware of the threats of scams in the name of Pos Indonesia, including those circulating on Instagram and websites," he said.

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