Sukabumi, West Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) built a humanitarian operations camp center in Cianjur, West Java, as an effort to accelerate the recovery of earthquake victims or survivors.

"This PMI camp center is built on Pangeran Hidayatullah (Joglo) Street in Cianjur District, which serves as a service center for PMI volunteers, who are in charge of earthquake humanitarian operations," PMI Disaster Emergency Response Field Coordinator Fajar Achyana noted here on Saturday.

According to Achyana, the camp center is equipped with a logistics warehouse, data and information center, public kitchen, public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities (MCK), musalla, and a parking place for supporting operational vehicles.

At the same location, the PMI has readied 16 fleets of clean water tankers that operate every day to distribute clean water and two four-wheel-drive operational vehicles and ambulances. This camp will be used for the next six months until PMI finishes its service there.

"This service camp is the command center for operations of PMI volunteers, such as before being assigned to service locations or assignment posts spread across Cianjur. All volunteers will be recorded and re-registered here," he added.

Furthermore, Achyana said that during the recovery process, the PMI had deployed hundreds of its personnel, who came from various regions in Indonesia. They are assigned to help the recovery process in Cianjur for the next six months.

The PMI has also planned to build 500 units of temporary housing for Cianjur District's residents whose houses were brought down and severely damaged by the recent deadly earthquake.

The PMI also supplied 100 thousand liters of water for the victims in addition to distributing assistance, such as blankets, tarpaulin tents, refugee tents, health kits, body bags, and mattresses.

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