Cianjur, West Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) opened 24-hour health services at the PMI Headquarters, Cianjur, West Java, and continues to deploy mobile units to evacuation posts for three months to provide health services for earthquake victims.

PMI Health Service Coordinator Dr Susilawati stated that the 24-hour health services are handled by several medical personnel ranging from general practitioners, specialists, and nurses from districts and cities across West Java and Jakarta as well as the PMI Bogor Hospital.

"People, who need to access health services, can come directly to the PMI Health Post at the PMI Cianjur Headquarters. They will be served by general practitioners and several nurses on duty," she stated in Cianjur on Thursday.

Susilawati noted that the presence of the health post did not reduce the mobile health services to evacuation posts in the worst-affected areas, such as the sub-districts of Cugenang, Pacet, and Cianjur.

Susilawati reported that on a daily basis, the PMI had deployed 15 volunteers, with the expertise of health workers, to serve the community.

Maximum health services to ensure the safe condition of the earthquake victims were also reported to the integrated health post under the Cianjur District Health Service.

Any medicine and additional medical personnel needed during the earthquake handling would be coordinated with the command post at the Cianjur District Hall as well, she remarked.

"We always receive help from medical volunteers from districts and cities throughout Java to maximize our service until the next three months," she stated.

She said after the magnitude 5.6 earthquake that rattled Cianjur District on November 21, several affected residents complained of respiratory infections, skin diseases, diarrhea, joint pain, and other minor ailments.

In addition to health services, the PMI helped with the distribution of clean water and building water sanitation facilities in areas that lost their water sources following the Cianjur earthquake.

On a daily basis, the PMI is dispatching 16 water trucks, with a capacity of five thousand liters per unit, to supply water to residents thrice a day. Until now, the PMI has supplied more than two million liters of clean water.

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