Jakarta (ANTARA) - Family planning extension workers (PKB) are at the forefront of strengthening family planning services and accelerating the reduction of stunting in the community, according to the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN).

"PKB must be professional and have integrity in carrying out their duties to accelerate stunting reduction," Secretary of Central Java province’s BKKBN, Sri Rahayu, said in a statement received here on Tuesday.

During a PKB performance evaluation related to stunting reduction acceleration in Semarang on Monday, Rahayu said that the PKB have an important role since they support various functions.

Some of the functions are serving as a team for accelerating stunting reduction (TPPS) at the sub-district level, validators for family assistance teams (TPK), data facilitators, and TPK partners, as well as supporting TPK operations.

In addition, as part of the technical team in the stunting reduction task force, PKB support participants with consultation and coordination.

"They also provide one stunting data at the sub-district and village levels," Rahayu added.

Meanwhile, BKKBN’s Director for Field Movement Development, I Made Yudhistira Dwipayama, said that the Indonesian Family Planning Extension Association (IPeKB) has become a professional organization of family planning educators.

He also asked the association to immediately prepare a work plan regarding the identification of customer needs, issues faced in organizational programs, especially the Family Development, Population, and Family Planning (Bangga Kencana) program, issues surrounding the unmet need for family planning, and issues with data provision.

Furthermore, IPeKB must also prepare organizational capability, namely contributions within the organization, in order to meet budgetary requirements and help the organization in carrying out activities to reduce stunting or provide family planning.

Dwipayama said that stunting is an important issue and PKB are also a part of the stunting task force’s technical team.

"The role of the family planning counselor in the sub-district TPPS is as a secretary and data manager. IPeKB must be able to carry out its role at the sub-district TPPS and formulate it in a work plan," he added.

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