Jakarta (ANTARA) - On the occasion of 2022 National Mother's Day, the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) highlighted the need for raising awareness about reproductive health issues, which are still plaguing Indonesian women.

"Female reproductive organs health issues are one of the maternal health problems that are often faced by women in Indonesia and have an impact on women's quality of life," Deputy for Family Planning and Reproductive Health at BKKBN Eni Gustina said on Thursday.

Reproductive health is a topic of interest for many because it is linked to the quality of future generations, she added. One of the most highlighted reproductive health issues is anemia in mothers, which contributes to the high maternal mortality rate (MMR).

Other common complaints among Indonesian women are malnutrition, bleeding due to miscarriage, and risky childbirth due to diseases of the reproductive organs.

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Thus, there is a need for assigning more dedicated time and space for extensive outreach so that women can obtain information on reproductive health issues and find solutions to problems that are often encountered in primary care.

According to Gustina, many women have been mentally scarred for life because of domestic violence, which is a manifestation of the inability of a husband and wife to exercise tolerance.

“For those who are still immature in understanding other people, conflicts will definitely spark up. If domestic violence occurs, this definitely (shows) the pinnacle of inability to tolerate other people," she said.

To build and maintain their relationship, household partners should not only rely on physical readiness, such as being old enough to give birth, or having sufficient assets to fulfill their daily needs, she added.

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The couple should also be mentally prepared, which can be done by exercising tolerance for each other's differences through learning on a daily basis.

She advised prospective couples to not rush into marriage. Couples must plan all aspects, starting from physical, financial, and mental readiness, so that the family they build can be prosperous.

"We hope that from a young age, the bride and groom can understand how important family planning is, so that cases of domestic violence in Indonesia do not occur in every household," Gustina said.

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