Thanks for the contribution of Indonesian women -- not only to their families and surroundings, but also to the nation and country we love.
Bengkulu (ANTARA) - The national Mother's Day commemoration should spur women to contribute to the advancement of Indonesia, Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Minister Bintang Puspayoga has said.

"The national Mother's Day momentum should be an inspiration for Indonesian women. (In the past) women had a role in the (Indonesian) independence struggle. We hope that (in the present) women can (also) contribute to (national) development," she said here on Wednesday.

She made the statement after visiting the graves of female heroes at the Balai Buntar Heroes Cemetery, Bengkulu City, Bengkulu Province.

Her ministry has invited women across the country to not only enjoy the results of national development programs, but also actively participate in making the programs a success.

The minister said that the resilience of women has been tested and proven well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid a difficult situation, women not only served as housewives and mothers, but also strived to support their children’s education during the implementation of online learning.

Furthermore, many of them also became national economic drivers during the pandemic by establishing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), 64.5 percent of the total MSMEs in Indonesia were managed by women in 2021.

Hence, although the economic situation in 2023 is projected to be difficult due to the threat of a global recession, the minister said she is confident that Indonesian women will be able to face the challenge.

"Thus, for women throughout the nation, let's continue to work. I expect that women throughout Indonesia will become independent figures with innovative, creative, and confident works to improve their own quality for (bolstering) the welfare of all (people)," she added.

Furthermore, Puspayoga conveyed her appreciation for all the hard work done by Indonesian women.

“Thanks for the contribution of Indonesian women -- not only to their families and surroundings, but also to the nation and country we love," she added.

Mother’s Day is commemorated in Indonesia every December 22.

President Soekarno designated the national day through Presidential Decree Number 316 of 1959. He chose the date as a tribute to the First Indonesian Women's Congress held in Yogyakarta from December 22–25, 1928.

The main event of the commemoration in 2022 will be hosted by Bengkulu Province and will honor Indonesia’s first lady, Fatmawati, who was born in the province.

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