Once the weather conditions at Java Sea are safe for sailing, it will head to Karimunjawa
Jepara, C Java (ANTARA) - State-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina confirmed on Wednesday to have loaded 40 kilolitres of Pertalite gasoline and 95 kilolitres of biodiesel into a vessel heading to Central Java's Karimunjawa Island.

"The vessel has been ready at Semarang Port. Once the weather conditions at Java Sea are safe for sailing, it will head to Karimunjawa," PT Pertamina Niaga-Semarang Office spokesperson Brasto Galih Nugroho remarked.

However, due to harsh weather that triggers high waves at the Java Sea, fuel supplies could not yet be shipped for safety reasons to meet the needs of locals and travelers in the island resort, he remarked.

Pertamina continues to coordinate with related agencies to get updated information on weather conditions and navigation of ships, he noted, adding that the island has been running out of Pertalite and biodiesel stocks.

Moreover, the Karimunjawa fuel station still has 2.6 kilolitres of Dexlite diesel fuel, he stated.

The daily demand for Pertalite is recorded at 1,900 litres, while the daily demand for biodiesel and Dexlite stand at 3,800 litres and 37 litres respectively, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Karimunjawa Sub-district Head Muslikin said the Pertalite stock has been running out since Dec 23. No further stock was available on Dec 26.

Muslikin spoke of having appealed to local residents and visitors to use Dexlite to enable them to continue their daily activities.

ANTARA reported earlier that harsh weather conditions that hit Karimunjawa Island, about 88.4 km away from Jepara District's Kartini Port, had also paralyzed ferry services since Dec 23.

As a result, locals and several hundred visitors keen to return to Semarang City and other towns in Central Java were unable to leave the island.

They, however, were able to depart from the island in the evening of Dec 27 after Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo coordinated with state-run ferry operator PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PT Pelni) to send MV Kelimutu.

Karimunjawa Island is popular among domestic and international tourists for its stunning beaches, isles, as well as fishing and diving spots.

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