The Supreme Court will continue to improve the institution
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chief Justice M. Syarifuddin asserted that the Supreme Court remains resolute to reforming the quality of the judiciary apparatus and will act against those failing to improve themselves.

"The Supreme Court will continue to improve the institution. We will take actions appropriate to regulations against apparatuses, who could not improve themselves," Syarifuddin stated here, Tuesday.

The commitment to reform the Supreme Court apparatus was declared during the reflection on the institutional performance in 2022 wherein the chief justice also highlighted the arrest of two Supreme Court judges and apparatus by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Syarifuddin stated that as the first step to restoring confidence in the institution, the Supreme Court decided to temporarily suspend judges and apparatus suspected in corruption cases, pending the legally binding court decision.

The second step is to reassign Supreme Court officials, especially those relevant in the handling of court cases, to other posts in order to close gaps that could be exploited by any parties to bribe court officials in the case management process, he pointed out.

The chief justice affirmed that his side issued Supreme Court Chief Justice Decision No. 349/KMA/XII/2022 to regulate official appointment and the selection of chief clerks, deputy clerks, and junior clerks.

The fourth measure is to investigate superiors of apparatus implicated in criminal cases in accordance with Supreme Court Regulation No. 8 of 2016, he noted.

"If the inquiry proves that the superiors failed to properly educate and monitor their subordinates, then they will receive a disciplinary sanction or even dismissal from their office," Syarifuddin emphasized.

He also assigned some officials to form the special task force under the Supreme Court Supervisory Body to monitor court apparatus as well as instruct the installation of monitoring equipment in offices.

Intensive communication with the Judiciary Commission would be enhanced to optimize the supervisory and education function of the institutions, the chief justice stated.

The Supreme Court Supervisory Body has also deployed 26 "mysterious shoppers" to monitor officials at Supreme Court offices, Syarifuddin noted, adding that the Supreme Court and the Judiciary Commission are also considering public involvement as "mysterious shoppers."

Moreover, the Supreme Court will develop a working group for virtual and open court sessions for the reading of the verdict to cassations and judicial reviews, a robotic-based judge appointment system, and a new attendance management system, he remarked.

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