Amid various crucial issues in the oil and gas upstream aspect with high dynamics and uncertainties, human resources development is very urgent
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Upstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Special Task Force (SKK Migas) emphasized that leadership would be the key to realizing the output target of one million barrels per day (bpd) in the national oil production.

"The key is leadership that could realize collaboration because it is impossible that the huge oil and gas production target could be realized by a single KKKS (cooperation contract contractor). There must be collaboration, supported by the development of human resources in the upstream industry," SKK Migas Head Dwi Soetjipto stated at the "2023 Oil and Gas Upstream Leadership Forum" in Bali, Tuesday.

Soetjipto said, as per the statement received here on Wednesday, that human resources are the main asset of corporations, and hence, the need to focus on the development of human resources.

"Amid various crucial issues in the oil and gas upstream aspect with high dynamics and uncertainties, human resources development is very urgent," Soetjipto noted.

A leader that could create breakthroughs with onward-looking visions is needed by the oil and gas upstream industry, as SKK Migas has the same goal as KKKS, the SKK Migas head noted.

He stated that if KKKS encountered any issue, it should notify the SKK Migas, which would help it resolve the issue.

Soetjipto affirmed that amid challenges in the oil and gas upstreaming industry, particularly caused by ongoing geopolitical conflicts, the agency has changed its mindset from "agency that controls" to "agency that serves."

He also encouraged members of the younger generation that are active in the upstreaming industry to improve their competencies promptly and optimally.

"They must experience new challenges and duties, and I hope (KKKS) would give them new tasks on the site, as it is the best way to improve their technological skills," the agency head stated.

Meanwhile, Soetjipto highlighted that SKK Migas is committed to implementing five transformational measures by seeking the production of one million bpd by 2030, improving the organization and human resources, actively participating in the licensing aspect, accelerating the commercialization of potentials, and realizing an integrated operation centre.

He stated that a leader in the oil and gas upstreaming industry must have six personal qualities of being a visionary, being hardworking and demonstrating exemplary behavior, being communicative, exhibiting mindfulness, showing sensitivity, and being focused.

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