Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Police’s (Polri’s) public relations division and the ANTARA News Agency have agreed to fight fake news (hoaxes), hate speech, and identity politics in this political year to ensure safe and conducive elections in 2024.

The agreement was discussed during a visit media meeting between the Head of Polri’s Public Relations Division, Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, and other officials from his division with representatives and editors of the ANTARA News Agency at the ANTARA headquarters here on Wednesday.

"We ask for cooperation, collaboration, and synergy in this political year to fight hoax news, fake news, hate speech, and identity politics," said Prasetyo.

There is a possibility of fake news spread, identity politics, and smear campaigns in the 2024 elections, he added. Based on records in 2019, hoax news increased by nearly 70 percent ahead of the political year.

This has become a serious concern for the police, he said. Further, the literacy level of Indonesian society is still minimal, with the country ranking 60th globally in this aspect. This has also encouraged the police to carry out education, outreach, and literacy to the community.

"ANTARA News Agency is a news agency that we think is very credible. We consider ANTARA to be one of the strategic partners of the public relations division of Polri and also the government to continue to provide literacy, outreach, and education to the public," Prasetyo said.

During the meeting, he was accompanied by head of the Polri’s public information bureau, Ahmad Ramadhan; head of the multimedia bureau, Gatot Repli Handoko; head of the administrative planning section, Erlangga; and head of the public information section, Nurul Azizah.

The police delegation was welcomed by ANTARA’s corporate secretary Azhari; general manager Jaka Sugianta; executive editor I Gusti Nur Cahyani; executive editor II Sapto Heru Purnomo; head of commercial content and cooperation unit Panca Hari Prabowo; and reporting coordinator of the politics, law, and security desk Imam Budilaksono.

Sapto Heru Purnomo said that ANTARA and Polri share the same focus for the 2024 elections: that they run effectively, efficiently, and according to the principles of directness, openness to the public, freedom, confidentiality, honesty, and fairness.

"You can use ANTARA to fight hoaxes," he added.

The Indonesian news agency also has a special news segment, namely Anti Hoax, to tackle false reporting, he informed.

Hence, the partnership with Polri will increase the supply of credible anti-hoax news.

"On the ANTARA website, there is special Anti Hoax news. We can make more anti-hoax stories if we get more (sources of information)," he said.

"If we get the source of that information from the police, this will make it easier for us," he added.

Meanwhile, general manager (GM) of the ANTARA News Agency, Jaka Sugianta, said that the police and ANTARA have the same mission: they both want to enlighten, educate, and awaken people, and maintain the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

This tagline was echoed for a long time by the founder of ANTARA, Adam Malik, until he served as vice president and has been continued by all ANTARA personnel to date, he added.

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Translator: Laily Rahmawaty, Katriana
Editor: Sri Haryati
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